Advanced Chiropractic Solutions

New Patients

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First and foremost, the ACS team thanks you and appreciates your interest in our office. Take a moment to thank yourself for prioritizing your spinal health, the only part of your body that is in charge of communication between the brain and all internal muscles and organs. If you are experiencing pain in any region of your body, do not hesitate to give our office a call, we are always here for you. Upon your first visit to our office, you will be satisfied with the knowledge that the ACS team is committed to you and your health. We understand physical pain has a direct correlation with mental and emotional strain, thus, we have developed a vast range of option to ease your frustrations and allow you to comfortably seek the proper care.

Not only do we look forward to serving you, we also look forward to gaining your trust. A foundation of trust is embedded in how we treat our patients, on an individual level. We guarantee a relaxing and positive experience at our office; we are dedicated to personal care and service so that you are focused on achieving optimal health.

To save time on your initial visit at our office, we have uploaded our patient application forms. However, if you are unable to complete the application before your visit, do not worry- it will be our pleasure to help you properly fill them out. Please remember to bring your insurance card and driver’s license.

At Advanced Chiropractic Solutions, we are more than happy to verify your insurance eligibility and benefits! It is our responsibility to give you the best care without the stress of finances. If your insurance company does not cover our services, or you do not have insurance, we have great affordable treatment plans for you!

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Existing Patients

As a patient at ACS, you know the office is constantly striving to bring you a relaxing atmosphere that motivates you to be in charge of your health. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to educate and treat you! The support system at ACS does not start with the staff; our motivation begins with great patients like you! The most rewarding experience has been watching the physical transformations with each of our patients, and being able to celebrate the successes of your treatment with us. A standard of excellence is personalized for each of our patients to enable us to formulate treatment plans that are suitable for you and provide the best spinal care our patients deserve.

The greatest compliment our patients can give the ACS team is the referral of family and friends, thank you very much for your trust in our compassion and care! Make sure to let your family and friends know to inform us who referred them to our office, you will receive a special thank you!

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